Dear Friends,

COVID-19 now affects us in all areas of life. We are continuously monitoring the development of the situation and follow up on the recommendations of experts and authorities. In these tough times, we continue to support our clients as the health, economic and legal landscapes continue to evolve very quickly. 

We have put together a team with the task of providing prompt assistance to clients on any issues that may arise as part of the crisis. What we are seeing at the moment is an increasing focus by businesses towards certain sensitive matters that take priority in today's new environment, including:

Employment matters

such as health and safety, work from home, compensation changes and workforce reorganization.

Managing existing contractual relationship

including mitigating supply chain risk, invoking force majeure, material adverse change, managing relationships with customers and suppliers going forward.

Managing contractual risk on new agreements

addressing new issues and challenges arising from the new reality when entering into new arrangements with existing or new business partners or other relevant stakeholders.

Managing bank debt and other financial liabilities

including restructuring plans, out-of-court settlements, as well as court-led procedures.

Government support or any other available relief

which companies in the region could be eligible to benefit from.

Insurance policies

review to check any relevant coverage that could be claimed at this stage.

We wish the situation will soon go back to normal. In the meantime, we are always at your disposal with advice and support.